Why You Need Resume Writing Service

By   June 7, 2016

You must have ever heard about a specific writing service which provides resume writing assistance and help. Well, it is very possible for you to think that such service is not essential. Why do you think that way? It is possible for you to think that resume isn’t something so hard to write. Basically, you only need to put in the information about yourself and make Continue reading »

Smoking in Schools, Teachers could be transferred

By   May 30, 2016

The government strictly forbids teachers to smoke on school principals. Sanctions threaten mutation actors.

Minister of Education and Culture (Education) Anies Baswedan said, through government Permendikbud No. 64/2015 states that schools should be free from smoking. This regulation clearly states the teacher to the principal’s forbidden to smoke in the environment of the school. Continue reading »

E Learning Help Lecturer to Research

By   April 25, 2016

E-learning methods are needed in the world of college. Because the efficiency of e-learning will facilitate lecturers to do research.

2016 Graduation Committee Chairman President University Purwanto said, the country will prosper only if mastered the technology because if you can not master the development of advanced technology, the opportunity to be lost. Continue reading »

Five Fatal Error when Job Interview

By   March 15, 2016

The job interview is the most important step to be able to achieve their desired job. Because, despite having a good CV and resume, the interview makes failure do not qualify in the next stage.

The job interview into an opportunity for companies to see and test the candidate’s direct employees. As for the applicants, the stage was an opportunity to bring all the potential and ability to attract HRD. Therefore, reported Continue reading »